Elizabethan Tuscany leg Upholstered Chair

Elizabethan Tuscany leg upholstered chair - available with the following options:

U966   Side crown top non-vented back       
43" (109cm) H x  20" (51cm) W x  20.5" (52cm) D

U967   Side crown top vented back                  
43" (109cm) H x 20" (51cm) W x 20.5" (52cm) D

U968   Side flat top non-vented back               
40" (102cm) H x  20" (51cm)  W x 20.5" (52cm) D

U969   Side flat top vented back                       
40" (102cm) H x 20" (51cm) W x 20.5" (52cm) D

U971   Arm crown top non-vented back        
47" (119.5cm) H x  25" (58.5cm) W x  20.5" (52cm) D

U972   Arm crown top vented back                  
47" (119.5cm) H x 25" (58.5cm) W x 20.5" (52cm) D

U973   Arm flat top non-vented back               
45" (114cm) H x 25" (63.5cm) W x 20.5" (52cm) D

U974   Arm flat top vented back                       
45" (114cm) H x 25" (63.5cm) W x 20.5" (52cm) D

Timber: Ash
Distress: Light, Medium, Heavy (10% upcharge)

Customer's own fabric can be fitted provided it is available at the upholstery shop at the time work is commenced. Please note that it is the customer's responsibility to state direction of pattern and which side of fabric to be used.

There is a 10% upcharge for heavy distress

Fabric quantities - guide only (54 ins / 137 wide):

Plain Fabric: (subject to repeat)
Side chair - 1.5M / 1.7 yards (54ins / 137 cm wide)
Arm chair - 1.75M / 1.9 yards (54ins / 137 cm wide)

Patterned Fabric: (subject to repeat)
Side chair - 1.75M / 1.9 yards (54ins / 137 cm wide)
Arm chair - 2M / 2.2 yards (54ins / 137 cm wide)

Metal studs: These are available if requested at an additional charge. Stud heads are manufacturer's choice unless previously notified and supplied by client.


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