Gothic Splatback Windsor Chair

Gothic Splatback Windsor available with:

Turned legs:
standard side                 
35" (89cm) H x  18.25" (46cm) W x  15.25" (39cm) D
W502 large side                        
38.5" (98cm) H x  20" (51cm) W x  17.75" (45cm) D
W500 large highback  arm              
41" (104cm)  H x 21" (53cm) W x  18.25" (46cm) D

Cabriole legs:
standard side                 
35" (89cm) H x 18.25" (46cm) W x 15.25" (39cm) D
W506 large side                        
38.5" (98cm) H x 20" (51cm) W x 17.75" (45cm) D
W504 large highback  arm       
41" (104cm) H x 21" (53cm) W x 18.25" (46cm) D       

Timber: Ash
Distress: Light, Medium, Heavy (10% upcharge)           

Custom sizing available on all products.

Please note due to the hand crafted nature of our products the dimensions quoted are approximate and may vary. Please note on Windsor chairs in particular the legs, as part of the design, may splay wider than the seat.


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