Pippy Oak Dresser and Rack

Pippy Oak Dresser and Rack - available in the following size options:

2 door 78" H (198cm) x 42" W (107cm) x  21" D (53cm)
HD403 3 door 78" H (198cm) x 60" W  (152cm) x 21" D (53cm)
HD405 4 door 78" H (198cm) x 78" W (198cm) x  21" D (53cm)

Our highly skilled craftsmen bring out the pippy 'cats paw' detailing and character of this uniquely grained English oak. 

Also available as a base only: (see related item image below)
HD400 35" H (89cm) x 42"W (107cm) x 21"D (53cm)
HD402 35" H (89cm) x 60"W (152cm) x 21"D (53cm)
HD404 35" H (89cm) x 78"W (198cm) x 21"D (53cm)

Custom sizing available on all products.

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