Round Extending Balustrade Table

HT308 Round Extending Balustrade Dining Table with one non storing leaf
Available in the following 4 standard sizes or can be made to specified sizes by quotation:
HT308A 30"H x 48" dia (extends to 68")
                76cmH x 122cm dia (extends to 173cm)
HT308B 30"H x 54" dia (extends to 74")
                76cm H x 137cm dia (extends to 188cm)
HT308C 30"H x 60" dia (extends to 80")
                76cm H x 152cm dia (extends to 203cm)
HT308D 30"H x 66" dia (extends to 86")
                76cm H x 168cm dia (extends to 219cm)
Timber: Oak
Distress: Light, Medium or Heavy (10% upcharge)

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